Learn about what hearing aid supplies we offer.

Our Supplies

We keep a wide variety of hearing aid supplies in stock to ensure your hearing aids are always working. Southeast Kentucky Audiology is able to provide a wide range of supplies for almost all hearing aid manufacturers, regardless of where you bought your hearing aids. The supply list below is not a comprehensive list, and some items may need to be ordered. Please call our office to ask if we have a specific item in stock.

These items can be purchased in person at our office, or we can mail them to you for a $5 shipping charge.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Sizes 10, 312, 13, and 675.

  • 8 pack: $8 + tax
  • 6-month supply (48 pack): $45 + tax
  • 12-month supply (96 pack): $80 + tax

Hearing Aid Parts

Wax guards, domes, receivers, etc.

  • 8 pack of wax guards: $7-$10
  • 48 pack of wax guards: $20
  • Domes: $1/each
  • Ear mold tubing: $1/each
  • Out of warranty receiver: $100/each

Hearing Aid Supplies

Cleaning tools, dry aid kits, and more.

  • Cleaning tools: $7 + tax
  • Hearing aid and ear mold cleaning spray: $7 + tax
  • Dry aid jar: $8.50 + tax
  • Desiccant pack: $6 + tax
  • Earwax removal kit: $8.50 + tax
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