Hearing Loss

Understand the facts about hearing loss and its causes.

What is Hearing Loss?

Dr. Kratzer helping woman with hearing loss

Hearing loss effects over 48 million Americans. Hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the inner ear. Often times, the aging process causes the tiny hair like cells of the inner ear to deteriorate, causing hearing difficulties. Some other causes of hearing loss include exposure to loud noise, trauma to the head or ear, or other underlying health conditions.

Regardless of how your hearing loss was caused, it is important to seek treatment. Hearing loss can have negative effects on your quality of life by causing strains with loved ones due to communication difficulties, social isolation, depression, and cognitive decline. When you can’t hear properly, you lack the confidence to engage with others and keep your brain active and healthy. You may start to isolate yourself from family and friends which can lead to depression and even dementia. Don’t let hearing loss stop you from being with the people you love. Let Southeast Kentucky Audiology help manage your hearing loss.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Man suffering from hearing loss in Corbin, KY

Hearing loss often occurs so gradually that you may not even notice you are struggling to hear. Your hearing can deteriorate slowly over many years. This makes it difficult to realize that you even have hearing loss because you have grown accustomed to not hearing certain sounds. If a friend or family member told you to have your hearing checked then come in and see us at Southeast Kentucky Audiology. We will perform a hearing test and determine whether you have hearing loss and how severe it may be.

Some common signs of hearing loss include:

  • It seems as if the people around you mumble
  • You have to ask people to repeat themselves
  • You respond inappropriately because you couldn’t hear what was being said
  • It is difficult to hear in large groups of people or when there is background noise
  • You turn the TV volume up louder than other people
  • Women and children’s voices are difficult for you to understand

Hearing Loss in Children

Little girl getting hearing aids from Southeast Kentucky Audiology

Hearing loss in children is incredibly prevalent. As with adults, hearing loss in children is measured in degrees. Children can experience mild to profound hearing loss, all of which should be managed with hearing aids or cochlear implants. It is crucial to treat any hearing loss your child may have in order to prevent any problems with speech development. Our audiologists specialize in pediatric hearing care and can help your child hear their best.

If you recognize any of these symptoms do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule an appointment.


  • Failed newborn hearing screening in one or both ears
  • They do not startle to loud sounds
  • They begin to babble but then stop
  • They do not respond to their name by 1 year old

Toddlers and Older:

  • They sit close to the TV with the volume turned up loud
  • They have difficulty at school
  • They often ask family members to repeat themselves
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