Hearing Aids

We provide quality hearing aids from the leading manufacturers.

Hearing Aids at Southeast Kentucky Audiology

We carry a variety of hearing aids all with different levels of technology. In addition to our audiologists, we also have a hearing instrument specialist who is extremely knowledgeable in the different styles and types of hearing aids. When you come to Southeast Kentucky Audiology you will be surrounded by hearing aid experts who are passionate about helping you hear better.

Hearing aids at Southeast Kentucky Audiology

Hearing aids are no longer big and bulky. Many patients think of hearing aids from 20 years ago, but they have changed immensely over the years. Hearing aids today are sleek in design and nearly invisible. They offer high quality sound and clarity, and can improve speech discrimination. Don’t let your hearing loss go untreated, come see what hearing aids look like today and experience the power behind them.

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Hearing Aid Manufacturers

Because Southeast Kentucky Audiology is independently owned, we have the freedom to work with any of the leading manufacturers we choose. We primarily work with Widex because they offer some of the best technology available in hearing aids today. However, we can work with any manufacturer that our patients prefer. If you prefer another brand of hearing aid over Widex, then we can order that hearing aid to suit your preferences.

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Finding the Right Hearing Aids

Pediatric hearing aid fitting

When going over your hearing aid options we look at the full range of technology. Hearing aids can be an investment, that’s why we recommend devices at different price points. When deciding what hearing aids to recommend we take into consideration your degree of hearing loss, how active you are, and your budget. If you need a more powerful hearing aid because you live a busy lifestyle but you can’t afford that kind of device, then we will work with you to find a solution. We will do whatever we can to help you afford hearing aids. We work with Allegro and CareCredit as well as the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan for residents of Kentucky who need financing for medical equipment. Regardless of your budget or your hearing needs we will help you find a way to manage your hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Technology Levels and Prices

Value Technology - $250-$300/ear
Great introductory hearing aid for minimal hearing loss. No automatic, binaural, or wireless features.

Basic Technology - $850-$1,000/ear
Most appropriate for one-on-one conversation, with little to no background noise.

Social Technology - $1,150-$1,400/ear
Recommended for hearing in small group settings.

Active Technology - $1,600-$1,850/ear
Recommended for socially active patients in various listening environments.

Premium Technology - $2,100-$2,400/ear
Recommended for patients who need to hear in multiple and challenging listening environments and spend time outside.

Hearing Aid Services and Prices

Hearing Aid Consultation – Free
During this appointment, we discuss hearing aid technology levels and prices and answer any questions you may have about hearing aids and how they work. A demonstration of the latest hearing technology is also offered.

Hearing Aid Candidacy Evaluation – $114
This appointment is recommended to ensure the most appropriate treatment option is selected for you. During this appointment, your most comfortable and uncomfortable listening levels are measured, your speech understanding will be tested in noise, and goals will be identified for the situations in which it is most important for you to hear. Once this is complete, your hearing healthcare provider will make a recommendation on which treatment option is best for you.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation – $228
The day has finally arrived when you will be fit with your hearing technology! At this appointment, the hearing aids are programmed specifically for you based on your hearing evaluation results, hearing aid candidacy evaluation results, and your feedback. Additionally, you are taught how to use and take care of the hearing aids and you will practice putting them on and taking them off. A follow-up appointment is scheduled two to three weeks following your fitting appointment to monitor your progress.

Hearing Aid Verification/Real-Ear Measures – $114
Hearing aid verification is recommended for every patient who has been fit with hearing aids to ensure the hearing aids are functioning the way they are meant to. The sound from a hearing aid will function differently depending on the shape of the ear and the ear canal. Every patient’s ear is unique, like a fingerprint, which means a hearing aid will work differently for every patient, even if patients have the same hearing loss.

During hearing aid verification, a small microphone is placed in your ear canal and your hearing aid is placed on your ear. You will listen to varying volumes of speech to determine how your hearing aid is functioning while it is on your ear. Adjustments are made to the hearing devices until they are set to meet the prescriptive gain and based on your feedback.

Hearing Aid Programming – $76
From time to time your hearing aid may need minor adjustments after you have used them in all your different listening environments. You may want your hearing aids turned up when you play bridge, or you may want them turned down when you see your family on Sunday afternoons. If you ever feel your hearing aids are not performing as expected, contact our office and let us know that your hearing aids need some adjustments.

Hearing Aid Check – $76
A hearing aid check appointment may consist of reviewing information, discussing communication strategies, or discussing other assistive technology options.

Hearing Aid Cleaning – $40
It is recommended your hearing aids be cleaned at least twice a year. At Southeast Kentucky Audiology, your hearing aids will be disassembled, cleaned thoroughly and suctioned of all debris, and placed in our industrial dehumidifier to remove any moisture that has built up on the inside. Once this is complete, new wax guards, domes (if applicable), tubing (if applicable), and microphone covers (if applicable) will be placed on your hearing aids.

Some patients may need to bring their hearing aids in more than twice a year depending on patient activity, ear wax production, and patient environments. This will be recommended on a per patient basis.


Service Plan - $1,300
This optional plan includes all hearing aid services, batteries, and minor in office repairs for THREE years. With this plan, you can purchase at any time and you never have to worry about paying for hearing aid services when you come in. This plan does not include extended warranties, out of warranty repair charges, or ear molds.

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