We are here to answer your questions about hearing.

Hearing FAQs

Without proper education, hearing loss can seem confusing. At Southeast Kentucky Audiology, we believe in educating our patients about their hearing health. We are happy to answer any of your questions and will work together with you to find an affordable solution to manage your hearing loss. Below we’ve gathered some commonly asked questions about hearing aids and hearing loss to help you better understand your hearing health.

Commonly Asked Questions

If bringing someone with you makes you feel comfortable, then we encourage you to! Although it is not necessary to bring someone with you to your appointment we don’t mind when our patients do. This can be especially helpful for follow-up appointments if your loved ones have had a hard time adjusting to you with hearing aids. Sometimes, family can have unrealistic expectations about hearing aids and bringing them in for appointments can allow us to talk to them and tell them what they can expect.
Hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss. They are designed to help you hear by amplifying sound and transmitting external sounds to the inner ear. Although hearing aids won’t restore your hearing back to normal, they will help you hear better than you have in years. Without hearing aids your hearing loss will continue to worsen, effecting your speech comprehension and brain as well. With hearing aids you can hear the sounds you were missing, keep your brain active, and continue to enjoy your busy lifestyle.
If you’re experiencing a ringing sound in your ears then you may have tinnitus. Tinnitus is commonly known as a ringing, buzzing, humming, or whooshing sound that occurs inside the ears or head. Tinnitus is common even in people who don’t have hearing loss. If you do have hearing loss though your tinnitus may seem more persistent or noticeable because your world is quieter. At Southeast Kentucky Audiology, we offer tinnitus masking hearing aids that will alleviate the ringing in your ears.

Hearing Aids and Maintenance

Properly taking care of your hearing aids will extend their life, allowing them to provide you with better hearing for longer. In order to keep your hearing aids working optimally it is important to keep them away from heat and moisture, clean them regularly as earwax can build-up in them, turn them off when not in use, and bring them in for regular maintenance. The better care you give your hearing aids then the longer they will last for you.
OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids that are sold online are simply sound amplifiers that will make everything louder. Hearing aids from Southeast Kentucky Audiology are advanced mini computers that provide you with quality hearing, clarity, and can even distinguish between your listening environments. Plus, when you purchase hearing aids online you don’t receive personalized care for your hearing loss. When you come in to our practice we will go over your individual hearing loss and help you come up with a plan to manage your hearing loss and help you hear better for years to come.
The adjustment period varies for everyone. Some patients who only had mild hearing loss will take a couple of weeks to adjust while others who may have had more severe hearing loss can take a few months to get used to wearing hearing aids. It depends on your degree of hearing loss, how long you’ve had hearing loss, and how often you wear your hearing aids. The more frequently you wear your hearing aids then the quicker you will adjust to them.
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